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Code Less

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Code Less is a dynamic tool designed to streamline and manage the intricate details of rollup fields within Salesforce. It serves as a centralised hub, ensuring accurate and efficient calculations for RollUp Summaries.

By leveraging this tool, administrators and developers can effortlessly track, modify, and optimise the relationships between parent and child records, ensuring data integrity and consistency. Whether you’re dealing with standard objects or custom implementations, Code Less offers a robust solution to simplify the complexities of data aggregation in Salesforce.

Exploring More Valuable Features

Simplified Rollup Options

Code Less offers easy-to-use Rollup types like Sum, Count, Min, Max, and AVG, providing flexibility in data aggregation and allowing customization of results by adding filters based on specific requirements.

Field Compatibility

Code Less seamlessly works with various field types, such as Number, Currency, Date, and Text (String), simplifying data aggregation across diverse metrics.

Free Usage

Experience Code Less at no cost with free access, allowing you to explore its benefits before committing.

German-Speaking Customer Support

We offer German-speaking customer support. This ensures that users in the DACH region can fully leverage the application's capabilities.

Sample User Case

Case 1: Sales Forecasting (Sum Rollup)
Scenario: A sales director wants to forecast revenue by analyzing the total expected revenue from Opportunities associated with Contacts. Code Less performs a Sum Rollup of the ‘Expected Revenue’ field on Opportunities related to each Contact. This provides insights into potential sales and helps in strategic planning.

Case 2: Inventory Management (Max Rollup)
Scenario: An inventory manager needs to know the maximum stock level of a product across multiple locations. Code Less is employed to perform a Max Rollup on the ‘Stock Level’ field, ensuring that the highest stock count is always visible, allowing for timely restocking.

Case 3: Event Management (Min Rollup)
Scenario: An event coordinator needs to ensure that all attendees have registered for an event by the registration deadline. Code Less performs a Min Rollup of the ‘Registration Status’ field on Opportunities related to Contacts attending the event. This helps identify the earliest registration date and ensures no one misses out on important updates.

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