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Big data never sleeps!

Data is what drives most modern businesses. That means your data integration and migration processes need to be robust and well-established so that you can use it efficiently.

We specialise in optimising data processes for companies (big and small) to give them a competitive advantage and eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies.

Without a competent data migration plan, you run the risk of going over budget, wasting time with complicated data processes, or finding that your data operations are simply subpar.

What is Data Migration?

Data migration is the process of moving data from one system to another. While this might sound straightforward, it’s a delicate process that requires systematic preparation.

Why do organisations undertake data migrations?
You might need to overhaul an entire system, upgrade your databases, establish a new data warehouse, or merge new data from other sources. Data migration is also necessary when a new system is being deployed alongside existing applications.

How can we help?

Regardless of where you need to move your data to or from, the team at Ai11 will ensure it all goes smoothly.

Migration from current CRM system to Salesforce

Migration from another Salesforce Org

Synchronising data with Salesforce

We follow a 3 phrase ETL process

Extract, Transform, Load

1. Data analysis

2. Data identification

3. Prepare the data

4. Move the data

5. Data validation

6. User Adoption

Salesforce is filled with useful customer data and is a go-to CRM tool choice for many organisations.