Salesforce Summer ’24 Release: Enhancing CRM with AI, Data, and Trust

Salesforce is set to revolutionize the way teams work with the upcoming Summer ’24 release, introducing a suite of new product innovations powered by CRM, AI, Data, and Trust. This release is designed to help organizations work smarter and more efficiently, offering enhancements across various Salesforce products and services.

Major Product Enhancements

1. Analytics:

  • Data Management: Accelerate integration by writing CRM datasets to Data Cloud and streamlining app setups.
  • Component Enhancements: Introduce native LWC components for analytics and improved collection features.
  • Connectivity and Integration: Secure AWS connection for Snowflake and enable direct CRM Analytics dashboard posting to Slack.

2. Commerce:

  • Data Integration: Leverage Data Cloud to enhance customer loyalty and improve conversion rates.
  • Unified Checkout: Implement a unified checkout process across Salesforce apps to expedite transactions.
  • D2C Solutions: Quickly launch direct-to-consumer storefronts with self-implementation options.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Improve shopper satisfaction with faster, responsive designs using stylized templates or custom pages.
  • Commerce App Efficiency: Optimize operations with a modern UI featuring fewer clicks, easy navigation, and real-time updates.

3. Data Cloud:

  • Vector Database: Consolidate data types in a single Data Cloud Vector Database to enhance analytics and AI.
  • Zero Copy Integration: Enable seamless and secure data sharing between Data Cloud and both Amazon Redshift and Databricks without data duplication.
  • Digital Wallet: Track consumption in real-time with a digital wallet feature.

4. Einstein:

  • LLM Integration: Connect your LLM to Google Gemini and AWS Bedrock for expanded capabilities.
  • Prompt Templates: Enable text input for template customization.
  • Search Retrievers: Search unstructured data to enhance AI accuracy.
  • Data Residency: Comply with international data residency regulations.
  • Recommended Actions: Simplify workflows with page-specific, one-click actions.

5. Industries Solutions:

  • Automotive: Enhance automotive experiences with the Einstein 1 Platform, enabling immersive connected vehicle features, real-time telematics monitoring, remote vehicle actions, vehicle health tracking, and data visualization of connected services.
  • Communication: Streamline communication services by providing contextual work order estimates, enhancing billing inquiries with AI within Salesforce, empowering sales with self-service tools, and simplifying product catalog management through TM Forum API enhancements.
  • Education: Enhance educational administration with tools that speed up student recruitment and admissions by importing Common App data into Education Cloud, providing clear insights into application statuses, generating AI-driven intake questions to assess student needs efficiently, and improving mentorship programs by optimally matching mentors and mentees.
  • Energy & Utilities: Streamline the energy and utilities sector with Data Cloud, enhancing charger data access and integration across Salesforce applications, simplifying inspections with dynamic assessments, improving warranty management with comprehensive claims processing, and offering a full-featured trial experience with Energy and Utilities Cloud enhancements.
  • Financial Service: Optimize financial services with AI-enhanced banking and insurance resolutions via Einstein Copilot, streamline lending with a modern digital platform, simplify transaction disputes, enhance automation workflows, empower policyholders with a self-service portal, and personalize financial engagement using unified data insights.
  • Health: Enhance health integrated care management by personalizing care plans with MCG assessments, improving provider search capabilities for a comprehensive network view, optimizing provider network management, and simplifying home health visits with a mobile patient app.
  • Life Science: Enhance life sciences with seamless clinical trial participant enrollment and expedited treatment access through improved benefits verification and management.
  • Manufacturing: Streamline manufacturing processes by enhancing supplier recovery through streamlined claims and collaboration, managing service campaigns more efficiently to save time and resources, and maximizing revenue with accurate work order cost estimation and improved visibility.

6. Marketing:

  • Targeting Efficiency: Utilize Waterfall Segmentation to prioritize and tailor campaigns.
  • Campaign Development: Streamline creation with Einstein Copilot’s generative AI for marketing.
  • Personalization Tools: Enhance personalization with Cross-Object Merge Fields.
  • Conversion Optimization: Increase sales through AI-driven Goal-Based Product Recommendations.

7. MuleSoft:

  • Intelligent Document Processing: Utilize AI for accurate data extraction from documents in any format.
  • Invocable Actions: Create and use declarative, reusable code blocks for improved functionality.
  • DataWeave Expression Builder: Speed up data transformations between systems.
  • Anypoint Platform Enhancements:
    • Partner Manager: Build and connect to a composable partner ecosystem with a centralized OMS.
    • Flex Gateway: Protect IBM Power Apps and support modernization with an enhanced API gateway.
    • Monitoring: Trace and export app request data to third-party monitoring tools.

8. Net Zero:

  • Report Accuracy: Utilize Einstein to verify and improve the precision of E reSG reports.
  • Compliance Templates: Simplify ESG compliance reporting with a Template Designer integrated in Microsoft 365.
  • Reporting Efficiency: Enhance ESRS report creation speed and functionality with an upgraded CSRD Report Builder.
  • Data Transparency: Improve transparency by providing access to raw data and comprehensive audit trails for ESG reporting.
  • Data Collection Interface: Streamline the data collection process with an easy-to-use interface.

9. Platform

  • Data Management: Implement privacy enhancements in the Trusted Services Privacy Center, allowing for data deletion from Salesforce for less frequently accessed data stored in Hyperforce. Protect sandbox data with an improved Data Mask engine.
  • Government Services: Enhance security for government cloud data with FedRAMP authorized Security and Privacy Centers.
  • Event Log Management: Introduce beta Event Log Objects with high-scale, low-latency analysis and extended one-year ELF retention.
  • Development Tools:
    • Salesforce Backup: Increase flexibility in backup scheduling, record identification, and file restoration.
    • Sandbox: Use Scratch Org Snapshots for quick replication of development environments.
    • Code Builder: Expand Code Builder PSLs in various Sandbox AddOns SKUs.
  • Heroku: Boost capabilities with expanded memory and compute options in larger Heroku Dynos.

10. Sales:

  • Einstein: Leverage AI tools like Lead Inspection and Einstein Copilot to identify new opportunities and streamline sales actions.
  • Insight Tools: Use Conversation Signals for competitive insights and the Prospecting Center for automated customer discovery.
  • Efficiency Enhancements: Implement Automated Contacts to eliminate manual data entry and utilize Einstein Sales Coach for improving sales presentations.

11. Slack:

  • AI Integration: Empower users with trusted AI capabilities directly within Slack.
  • Work Tracking: Monitor and manage tasks collaboratively with Lists.
  • Sales Enhancement: Provide sales leaders with real-time CRM insights, AI assistance, and workflow automation.

12. Service Cloud:

  • Einstein: Use Einstein Copilot for streamlined field service actions through AI assistance.
  • Service Pathway Tools: “My Service Journey” assists in building service business outcomes.
  • Self-Service Solutions: Enable self-serve options with generative knowledge answers in bots.
  • Proactive Service: Anticipate maintenance needs with real-time asset updates from Data Cloud.
  • Automation: Simplify customer service with a Business Rules Engine that automates decision-making, no IT involvement necessary.

Preparing for the Release

To fully leverage the new features and enhancements, Salesforce encourages users to review the detailed release notes and utilize additional resources provided throughout the release cycle. Organizations should also communicate upcoming changes to users and ensure necessary administrative actions are taken to activate new functionalities.

The Summer ’24 release promises to empower organizations with smarter tools and innovative features, driving productivity and enhancing the overall Salesforce experience.

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