HAK FORWARD: Ai11 Welcomes Students from MedienHAK Graz

“HAK forward” is an educational project that has fostered a successful collaboration between the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) and the Styrian Handelsakademien. This initiative creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Youth engagement brings fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a drive to explore new horizons. Students gain valuable practical experience, while entrepreneurs benefit from new insights, positive brand exposure, and greater recruiting opportunities.

Ai11 has actively participated as part of the “HAK forward” project since 2022, welcoming students from MedienHAK Graz. On April 13th and 14th of 2023, Ai11 once again hosted four 4th-grade students from MedienHAK, where over the course of two days, the students had the opportunity to explore various aspects of the company and engage in interactive activities.

During the first day of the event, the students were provided with a comprehensive overview of the company, and gained insights into its operations, personnel structure, and daily routines of the employees. Special emphasis was placed on introducing the Scrum project management method, Ai11’s unique approach that combines Scrum principles with the company’s management model.

Day two, opened with an engaging discussion on the trending topics, artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. Students explored the current role of these tools, and emerging future trends, while learning about Ai11’s applications and innovations in this field. Later, a Salesforce-themed workshop was conducted, introducing students to the functionalities of Salesforce and allowing them to participate in some hands-on exercises. This workshop provided them with a deeper understanding of the Salesforce platform and showcased its relevance and potential in the business domain.

In addition to these informative sessions, an engaging brainstorming activity was organised where the students were invited to review Ai11’s website and propose optimisation strategies related to design and functionality. Their active participation resulted in valuable suggestions and creative ideas for the company. Last but not least, the students prepared an impressive presentation, showcasing their thoughts and contributions.

The “HAK forward” event provided an invaluable opportunity for students to gain practical insights into the world of business technology. Over the two days, they not only learned about company operations and project management, but also engaged in thought-provoking discussions on artificial intelligence and participated in hands-on workshops.

We hope that this experience has ignited their passion for business technology and inspired them to pursue their aspirations with confidence. As these young minds continue to grow and learn, their potential to shape the future is limitless.